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10% of your workforce causes 90% of the problems.

That 10% constantly turns over.

Constantly retraining the 10%

That 10% constantly turns over.

Constantly interviewing new employees to replace the 10% that are turning over.

Postponing the termination of certain bad employees because we have to get things done and I canít get it done without him because I donít have anyone to take his place.

The majority of the 10% arenít in skilled positions but are still necessary for the operation of the plant.

The 10% create the most paperwork and affect your unemployment rating the most.

Your Company offers various benefit packages (Health Insurance, Holiday Pay, Vacation Pay, etc.) and it doesnít stop the 10% from turning over.

As soon as you sign the 10% up for the benefit packages, your canceling them because they have either quit or been terminated.



You tell us what positions you have and the skills needed to successfully do that job.

We recruit 7 days a week to find potential candidates to fill those positions. We donít start looking for candidates when a position comes open like most HR departments, we try to find them before you need them.

We take each one of your potential candidates and they fill out an EmployNet Application in an interview process in our office. Some candidates are eliminated at this step because they donít have the necessary skills or education to meet your requirements.

Next we do a criminal background check to make sure that our candidates, ďPlays well with othersĒ. Some candidates are eliminated at this point.

Next, we take the remaining candidates and administer a drug test in our office. This test screens for the most common abused drugs such as Marijuana, Cocaine, Meth, Phenicyclidine, Amphetamines and Morphine/Opiates. Even more candidates are eliminated at this point.

In addition, all candidates must have the necessary documentation required to properly meet the Federal I-9 requirements. All are further verified through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) E-Verify Program.

We now have a pool of possible candidates at your disposal.


With our candidates at your disposal we wait on your call. You call and tell us what position you have open. We send out our best candidate. This person is on our payroll as your employee. You tell him when he reports to work, you tell him when he goes home, you tell him when he goes to lunch, you tell him what to do. He is under your complete control, except if you should decide that he is not right for the job, you donít fire him, you call EmployNet and we replace him with someone else.

Since the employee is on our payroll, we pay all employment taxes, workmenís compensation and Federal and State Unemployment Insurance. This employee never affects your workmenís comp experience rating should he get injured on the job, or your unemployment experience rating should he be terminated.

We get up with your designated person on Monday, process the employeeís payroll for the previous week and send you an invoice for payment based on the number of hours worked at a flat agreed upon rate.

While this employee is under your supervision, you get to evaluate his job performance. We hope that each individual we send is worthy for consideration for possible hiring by your company. Each of our employees is hirable by your company after working 90 days. When you hire our employee, after the 90-day waiting period, you no longer owe anything for his continued employment with your company.


We hunt employees constantly for your company as well as others.

We talk to people about your company that may have never considered an employment opportunity with your company.

We screen out most of the types of people who consistently cause issues in the work force.

We donít stop you from hiring full time good employees, we only supply people when you need help and call us.

We keep the new employees who cause most of the Workmenís comp claims and unemployment claims off of your payroll.

Our employees donít get vacation pay, holidays, sick pay, insurance and other benefits. They only get an hourly wage. This helps keep our rate to you lower. You pay only for the hours worked by our employees.

You are able to run your operation more consistently.

You get to evaluate a person fully, in the job he will be placed, before you make the decision whether to hire him or not.

Possible decrease in your Workmenís Comp costs and Unemployment costs.

Less time spent by management on tracking down employees and more time spent on getting the job done.

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