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Does EmployNet help people find jobs?
Yes, EmployNet puts people to work everyday.
What jobs do you have open or available?
When an employer calls EmployNet seeking an employee, EmployNet usually fills this position with fifteen minutes of receiving the request. We never have open positions, because we always fill them.
How can I get a job or fill a position?
You cannot be considered for placement until you have been fully screened by EmployNet and it all starts with the application. Then your skills will help determine where you can be placed.
How do I get an application?
Applicants can either come by our office at 110-C University Ave., Troy, AL or download an application from our website. All applicants have to present a state or federal issue, picture I.D. in order for EmployNet to verify identity.
Once I fill out an application when can I start to work?
The initial application is the first part of the process. After EmployNet receives your application and interviews you, then all applicants must agree to and pass a Criminal Background Check and then pass a drug test administered in EmployNetsís office.
I have had some legal problems in my past, will this stop me from getting placed?
The nature of the crime, how long ago it happened and your most recent behavior, are all used to determine your eligibility for placement. A criminal background will not stop you from getting placed, but it will limit where you can be placed. We will follow the requirements of the Employer seeking the employee to determine who is eligible for placement within his company.
I filled out my application, my background is good and I have passed the drug test. When can I go to work?
EmployNet works with many employers. However, your particular abilities and skills must be the best match. EmployNet does not guarantee it can place anyone. EmployNet does place its best people everyday.
How much does it cost?
There is no cost at any time to an applicant. EmployNet is paid by the companies who use its services.
I understand EmployNet only provides temporary help and Iím looking for permanent work, can EmployNet help me?
Many companies use EmployNetís Temp-to-Hire program. Employees are brought in as temporary workers for a ninety-day period. After ninety days the employees who show that they can meet the company's hiring requirements, are transferred to the company's payroll as full time permanent workers.
Do I have to take the job EmployNet tries to put me into?
EmployNet will call you with the details of the position to be placed. You tell us whether you are interested or not. If you do not like or want the position, then EmployNet will go to the next applicant on the list. EmployNetís companies are looking for qualified applicants who are willing and want to work for their company. If the position is not a good fit for you the applicant, EmployNet would be doing a disservice to the company needing a person not to send a good match.
How do I get paid for working? Who pays me?
If EmployNet places you with a company, you will receive you paychecks from EmployNet. EmployNet cuts off its Payroll weeks on Sunday Night. The next Friday you will receive your pay for all hours worked prior to Sunday night. You will be paid every Friday.
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